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Cigar Bar free essay sample

Investigates foundation of imaginary stogie bar. Items, area, advancement, value, rivalry, financing and dangers. Presentation Stogie bars have started showing up in unordinary settings as of late; notwithstanding upscale cafés and clubs, stogie bars have been found in retail chains, lodgings, and as independent organizations. Now and again, the stogie bars are just added to a current foundations tasks; in different cases, the stogie bars fill in as the point of convergence of the activity. This comes when cigarette smoking is getting progressively disagreeable and when endeavors are being made to boycott smoking in numerous bars and cafés. Situated as unwinding for the well off, stogies don't have the disgrace appended to them that cigarettes do, and stogie bar proprietors are anxious to catch a market, including a lot of ladies, which has seen solid development during the 1990s. Given that the stogie bar is at present in the development phase of the lifecycle, there would appear to be . We will compose a custom paper test on Stogie Bar or on the other hand any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page .

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Financial Management for Cash Outflows -

Question: Examine about theFinancial Management for Cash Outflows. Answer: Ed Analysis isn't right. Ed has not effectively expected NPV of the item. The likelihood of occurring and non-occurring of any occasion can never be equivalent that is 98% every it must be equivalent to 100%. Ed thinking of increasing of two probabilities for example (98x98)%= 96% and afterward lessening the money inflows by 4% is absolutely erroneous. The item NPV is the right method of assessing the undertaking yet not in the manner Ed has determined. CFO chance appraisal is right and is to be effectively determined. $ 20 million is an extremely considerable sum for an organization like Airway to contribute. In the event that the item isn't acknowledged, the organization may confront chapter 11 or conclusion of business. Money related reasonability is significant for venture acknowledgment. It is plainly observed that if ED item isn't acknowledged, Airway Company will lose all that they have put resources into the item advancement. The right technique for ascertaining NPV is Presen t estimation of Cash inflows Present estimation of money outpourings (Correia et. al, 2005). NPV: PVCI-PVCO Where PVCI is Present estimation of Cash inflows PVCO is Present estimation of Cash surges Money surges are done at zero period that is an underlying period while money inflows are spread over no. of years (model: 5 years) contingent on item anticipated deal life. A reasonable limiting rate is utilized to limit the money inflows and outpourings. On the off chance that NPV is sure, the item or the task ought to be acknowledged in any case on the off chance that NPV is negative, the item or the venture ought to be dismissed (Albrecht et. al, 2011). So the item presented by ED ought to be decided on NPV rules and not on ED computations. We might want to clarify this with a model: Beginning Investment of a venture: 130000 $ Anticipated existence of item: 4 years Rebate Rate: 12% PV factors at 12% YEAR Outpouring INFLOW in $ PV FACTOR @ 12% * PVCI in $ 0 - 130000 $ 1 1 25000 0.8928 22320 2 35000 0.7971 27898 3 55000 0.7117 35585 4 75000 0.6355 47662 All out - 130000 $ 133465 $ *1/1.12= 0.8928, 0.7971, 0.7117, 0.6355. We can find in the model that Present estimation of money outpourings PVCO is 130000 in negative which implies this is a money surge is made at zero periods while the current estimation of money inflows PVCI is + 133465. This shows in the event that this venture is acknowledged, the Net present estimation of this has taken care of its expense outpouring and it is in positive. Here we can say that NPV is 3465 (133465-130000), the venture might be acknowledged. Essentially, Ed is therefore exhorted that he ought not utilize his fanciful figurings for venture examination and acknowledgment of his item. CFO of the organization is right that the NPV computation isn't right (Healy Palepu, 2012). CFO conflict is correct and it is seen plainly. The CFO has accurately implied an inappropriate estimation and consequently, Ed should drop the way fo calculation. So we may infer that Ed technique for computing NPV isn't right and his measurable figurings are unclear. He should update his count of NPV and IRR and utilize right NPV estimations. There are a few lacks in the calculation and subsequently, a right choice won't be conceivable by thinking about this. The fanciful counts whenever utilized can prompt serious issues and numerous difficulties may emerge on the task examination (Henderson et. al, 2015). No doubt, the calculation ought to be done according to the acknowledged strategy and there be a bad situation for nonexistent estimations. References Correia, C, Mayall, P, O'Grady, B Pang, J. 2005. Corporate Financial Management, second ed. Perth: Skystone Investments Pty Ltd. Henderson, S, Peirson, G, Herbohn, K, Howieson, B. (2015). Issues in budgetary bookkeeping. Pearson Higher Education AU. Healy, P. M, Palepu, K. G. (2012). Business Analysis Valuation: Using Financial Statements. Cengage Learning. Albrecht, W, Stice, E Stice, J. (2011). Budgetary bookkeeping. Bricklayer, OH: Thomson/South-Western.

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Hospital State of Mind

Hospital State of Mind I hate going to the hospital. Yes, hospitals help people. Most nurses and doctors are nice and have your best interest in mind. But hospitals can also drive you cRaZy. Im in the hospital, and have been since Wednesday. It is driving me crazy. I started talking to my squishible monster and cat socks yesterday. Here are some more terrible things about being in a hospital while also managing being a student at MIT: 1. You constantly worry about missed work Thankfully, Student Support Services is super great about sending emails to professors and letting them know that you are stressed out and medically decapitated. Yes, I did mean the word decapitated. It feels like doctors have chopped off my head. I just want to sit quietly and finish all my homework. 2. There are restrictions that are unnecessary for you (I want to crotchet!!) and are stupid 3. Sleep just doesnt happen in a hospital 4. The food is terrible 5. So bored. Bring art to play with. I decorated my crutches with stickers. I like stickers. I also water color pictures of dolphins. 6. Miscommunications between doctors make everything terrible 7. You have to wear gross-colored unfitted hospital scrubs 8. Home/cat sickness is awful. I miss my kitty!! My boyfriend is watching her and sends me pictures every day. Basically, I want to go home. And I never plan on going to a hospital ever again, or at least for a very very very long time. Also, now Im terrified of doctors and nurses and I am afraid to talk to them. But theres a cat waiting for me. I want my cat!!! And thats it. Im here, and Im stuck until I get better. Hopefully Im better soon, because this sucks.

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A Worldfamous The Great Gatsby Book - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1217 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/03/26 Category Literature Essay Level High school Topics: The Great Gatsby Essay Did you like this example? The Great Gatsby, written in 1925 by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. It has been considered a classic for his symbolism and themes. It is heavily centered on social classes, social constructs, and the American dream. It is a story of undying hope and love for another. That ends in tragedy. Many people consider The Great Gatsby to be a must read for high school students. James Gatz, better known as Jay Gatsby, grew up in North Dakota, to Henry Gatz. Jay Gatsby is a hopeless romantic who held out his hope for Daisy for years, and through many struggles. Gatsby tried to return from war just to be with Daisy and he spent all the money he had trying to find her. This is what Nick meant when he said it was an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness such as i have never found in another person. (pg 2). This hope is what caused Gatsby to get rich by helping organized crime. This hope is what led him to New York, led him to buying a house, and incentivized him to throw extravagant parties. All in the hope of attracting Daisys attention. Gatsby eventually resorted to asking Nick for help to achieve. After all these years his hope was finally within reach. Only to be ripped away again by an unfortunate accident, and killed the next day. Gatsby is represented by green, black, brown, purple, and gold. Green for his hope, black for his mysterious life a nd eventual death, brown for the poverty he lived in, purple for wealth, and gold for the extravagance of his actions. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "A Worldfamous The Great Gatsby Book" essay for you Create order Meyer Wolfsheim is a jewish, middle aged man. He is also a prominent member in organized crime and a business partner with Gatsby. Meyer helped Gatsby make his fortune when Gatsby returned from the war and ended up penniless. Meyer did not do this out of the kindness of his heart however. He merely used Gatsby to make more gonnegtions. We can tell that Meyer has Gatsby find new people because of the interaction when Nick first meets Meyer, Meyer says to Nick I understand youre looking for a business gonnegtion. (pg 70). Only for Gatsby to answer Oh, no, this isnt the man. (pg 71). Meyer likely doesnt care much for Gatsby, supported by the fact he doesnt attend Gatsbys funeral. I would say he most closely represents the negative side of green, being greedy and money-driven. Tom Buchanan, an old money, ex-sports player. He has a short temper, hes prone to violence, rather arrogant, a frequent liar, an alcoholic, a racist, and a cheater to boot. Tom is almost the exact representation of a corrupt aristocrat. His obscene wealth and horrible character traits making him one of the least ideal people to be around. However, Daisy was unlucky enough to marry him. Tom goes on to run around with other women, one of which being Myrtle. Whose nose gets broken in an argument with Tom. Everyone around Tom is likely to be hurt by him. I would assign purple and red. For his arrogance, wealth, and temper. Daisy Buchanan, wife to Tom, cousin to Nick, and an old acquaintance to Gatsby. Daisy doesnt care about anyone around her. She doesnt care for her daughter, having her raised by a nurse. She doesnt care for Tom, she even went and cheated on him. Nor does she care for Gatsby, she didnt even bother to send a flower to his funeral. There is the possibility that Tom prevented her from sending a flower. However I find this unlikely because she went so far as to cheat on Tom in the first place. If she cared enough she would have taken the risk to send flowers. I would give Daisy black for her evil ways. Jordan Baker is a friend of Daisys and eventual girlfriend of Nicks. Shes also a competitive golfer and independent woman. Representing the change in women that happened around the 1920s. Brought about by the ability to vote and find their own work. Jordan is also careless, reckless, and self-centered. She drives terribly but doesnt fear and accident because it takes two to make an accident. After the death of Gatsby and she talks to Nick again she appears to no longer care, claiming to be engaged to another man. I would give Jordan orange, for her fiery new woman spirit. Nick Carraway is the narrator of The Great Gatsby. He was a soldier in WWI, graduated from Yale, and them moved to New York to become a bond man. Nick tends to reserve his judgement until after everything is said and done. He describes himself as the most honest person he knows. Which seems quite true given the crowd he socializes with. Nick, like Gatsby, grew up in the West. Which is to say, an entirely different world than the East. Which is probably the source of his different values. He becomes friends with most of the other characters mentioned in the book. Nick also seems like he is the most saddened by Gatsbys death, other than Gatsbys father. I would assign blue to Nick, not only for the sadness he feels at the death of his friend, but also for the loyalty and wisdom he shows throughout the book. George Wilson is the owner of a gas station in an area known as the Valley of Ashes. He has stuck up a business deal with Tom. To buy Toms car and resell it for a profit. George became sick when he learned Myrtle cheated on him and devastated when he learned Myrtle was killed. Becoming a husk of a man he was days before. He became obsessed to the point of murder for the death of his wife, killing Gatsby because he believed he was the perpetrator. Unfortunately, he killed the wrong person in the end as Daisy was the one who was driving, not Gatsby. I would assign blue to George, for the crushing sadness he felt. Myrtle Wilson, Georges wife, and Toms mistress. She is a victim of Toms violence. Getting her nose broken just by saying Daisys name. She seems to be unable to stand being married to George, backed up by the quote Neither of them can stand the person theyre married to. (pg 33). Tom cant stand being married to Daisy and Myrtle cant stand being married to George. Myrtle was misled by Tom to believe that Daisy was a Catholic and therefore against divorce. Myrtle tried to flag down the car that hit her because she believed Tom was in it. So she likely spent her last few moments believing Tom had just killed her. Myrtle represents green and red to me. Green for the greed of yearning to marry Tom and red for the anger she felt towards Daisy. In the end, most of these characters suffered at the hands of the others. This can be due to their harmful and dishonest nature. Or to the unfriendly society of the upper class. Or any other culmination of the negative aspects of society associated with the upper class. What may just be the worst part of this tragedy is that it is entirely avoidable. If they were only more honest or less old fashioned more characters would probably have ended up happy.

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Essay on The Power of Guiding Children - 1500 Words

The Power of Guiding Children Over the course of an individual’s life span, one is seen forming relationships with several people in whom they find their presence an important aspect to their life. However, among these relationships, parent-child relationships are the most valuable, but also very complex. These relationships are built from a foundation of interaction starting from the birth of the child to their adulthood. Unfortunately, if this involvement is not present within a child’s life, it can ultimately cause them to feel neglected causing outrageous conflicts, behavior issues and emotional disputes. Parental involvement within a child’s life allows them to gain a sense of security ultimately increasing new learning of the child†¦show more content†¦Descriptive praise also comments on what the child has done wrong. Although this may appear to decrease a child’s self-esteem and confidence, in reality it allows them to reflect upon their mistakes, pushing themselves fur ther in order to be appreciated. Without recognition a child feels the need to work towards the incomplete task in order to receive praise, encouraging themselves eventually increasing self-confidence after being praised. Gradually children will become aware of the expectations that are expected of them, comprehending that they have the ability to achieve great heights when they are determined. This motivation allows children to approach situations in the future with a positive attitude as they will take on any task with the mindset to complete it to the best of their ability allowing for success. Certain words of encouragement such as â€Å"youre not complaining about the food† or â€Å"you tasted the peas. That was brave† can influence a child’s behavior positively. This form of communication is not only a way for parents to motivate them, but also a way for them to realize on their own the various expectations parents have for children; thus better understand ing their view on situations. As children are constantly praised for the same things they feel the need to go above and beyond what is expected of them portraying to both themselves and parents that they are aware of expectations. Once children are aware ofShow MoreRelatedPersonal Philosophy Of Guidance For Young Children Essay927 Words   |  4 Pagesindividuality in the classroom. While young children are in our care I believe that teachers need to focus on guiding young children in the right direction. Therefore, three long-term goals that are critical for young children to develop are independence, self-discipline, and initiative. All of the aforementioned goals are pertinent for young children to develop. These goals will influence how they learn and live their lives. Therefore, young children should be guided through multiple techniquesRead MoreSocial Learning and Child Development878 Words   |  4 PagesPlay helps equip children for what life may throw at them. Children are born to be actively engaged and explore the world with their own eyes. Through play children learn what it means to fail in life as well as what it means to accomplish a goal. Play is not only a strategy to keep children entertained in early childhood, but also allows children to learn how to create and work together at an early stage. Children at play has been undervalued by society without realizing that â€Å"playfulness is thatRead MoreThe Principles Of The Early Childhood Education Program972 Words   |  4 Pagesteach is to engage in lifelong intellectual work through the merging of academic theories and research, classroom research and practice, living in the social and political world, and studying the intellectual work of children to produce practices and knowl edge in the best interest of children in a socially just, democratic society. †¢ To teach is to be persistent in learning through inquiry into something or someone; such inquiry is richer and more generative when done collaboratively. †¢ To teach isRead MoreGuiding Childrens Behavior965 Words   |  4 PagesI have rated the fourteen steps to guiding childrens behavior based on personal belief and experience. 1. Model Appropriate Behavior: Show, demonstrate, model and supervise. Children are watching you therefore you need to be the best role model you can be. As a positive role model you need to make good choices and encourage children to do their best too. It has been proven that children with positive role models have higher self-esteem, do better in school and social settings, and are more likelyRead MoreUsing Handheld Breath Guiding Device1291 Words   |  6 PagesWe, Geoff Shellady, Abby Magner, and Kelly Norfleet, engineering students at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA, have invented a handheld breath-guiding device. It is an electronic tool that displays visual animations with which users sync their breathing patterns in order to ease stress and anxiety. Its digital, handheld format provides users with easy access to the device whenever it is needed. Many people are negatively impacted by anxiety and stress on a daily basis. AccordingRead MoreHow Principals Can Establish School-Wide Success870 Words   |  4 Pageswhile having the guiding coalition role model the behavior expected of employees. Creating a climate hospitable to education Effective principals’ ensure that their schools allow both adults and children to put learning at the center of their daily activities. Such â€Å"a healthy school environment,† as Vanderbilt researchers call it, are characterized by basics like safety and orderliness, as well as fewer tangible qualities such as a â€Å"supportive, responsive† attitude toward the children and a sense byRead MoreErik Erikson963 Words   |  4 Pagesenough about language to communicate with other people. Children in the â€Å" terrible twos† no longer want to depend totally on others. Instead, they strive toward autonomy, the ability to do things for themselves. The child’s desires for power and independence often clash with the wishes of the parent. Erikson believes that children at this stage have the dual desire to hold on and to let go. Parents who are flexible enough to permit their children to explore freely and do things for themselves, whileRead MoreOur Prog ram s Philosophy On Positive Child Guidance1063 Words   |  5 Pagespunishing children for accidents or mistakes they make. With the help of our committed staff, we can provide a positive atmosphere that will allow the children to feel loved and accepted to help build their self-esteem. Our program will offer the children with choices, but there will also be reasonable, and developmentally appropriate limits. The educators will model positive behaviours that will teach the children to problem solve and build self-control in a healthy, and safe way. Children are goingRead MorePeru S Tourism History1644 Words   |  7 Pages(O’Hare, 1997). PERU’S INCA HERITAGE The INCA heritage like Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail where TOURISTS IN THE LAKE TITICACA REGION MANAGING GUIDING IN PERU To ensure tourists have pleasing experience while travel in Peru, there are some difficulties that the tourism industry has to face in managing tour guiding (McGrath, 2004). According to the article from a research by University College London , there are different kinds of guides that tourists can find in Peru which includedRead MoreEthical Dilemmas Of Healthcare Professionals1211 Words   |  5 Pagesdefined by Miracle (2011) â€Å"mechanism by which individuals make known how they want medical treatment decisions made when they can no longer make them for themselves† (p.229). Without an advanced directive, medical decisions will fall to Mrs. Smith’s children, Sara and Frank. Each of which have different views regarding their mother’s plan of care. The decision that needs to be made is whether to prolong Mrs. Smith’s life with continued medical intervention, as Sara would like to do, or stop all treatments

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According to Arlov Grammatically Free Essays

Many instructors urge their students not to start their sentences with the word â€Å"but†, or any other coordination conjunction for that matter. This can be disheartening for students because we commonly speak with our sentences beginning with a conjunction. However, writing is not like speaking. We will write a custom essay sample on According to Arlov Grammatically or any similar topic only for you Order Now There are two schools of thought on beginning a sentence with the word, â€Å"but†. According to Arlov, â€Å"Grammatically, it is correct to start a sentence with but or any other FANBOYS conjunction. However, your instructors may discourage the practice for two good reasons† (343). She goes on to list the reasons. One good reason not to begin a sentence with the word but is because it is informal and casual. Academic writing is not usually casual or informal, and using â€Å"but† at the beginning of a sentence may make a more formal paper appear less than well thought out. While it is OK for some sorts of writing such as narrative or dialog, a professional paper is seldom written with coordination conjunctions at the beginning of sentences. Also, using words like â€Å"but† is addictive! It is easy to use and overuse. Arlov advises using conjunctions to begin sentences sparingly so as not to make it a hard habit to break. The other side of the issue says using but is just like using any other word to begin a sentence, and therefore, there is nothing wrong with it. How to cite According to Arlov Grammatically, Papers

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My Explanation free essay sample

I want to explain to you that I’m average, but I’m one of a kind. I’m a typical teenager, but I’m unique. I want to explain my life to you, but it is impossible to explain one’s life in a few pages. I’m an average 17 year-old white girl living in an average upper-middle class suburb with both of my average parents on Long Island. I’ve never met the President, I’ve never traveled to Africa, and I’ve never cured cancer. I’ve never rescued a cat from a tree, I’ve never helped birth a baby, and I’ve never been on an exotic journey. In 17 years I’ve done a lot, but nothing extraordinary. I wish I could explain all that I’ve done. All of the times I’ve laughed and cried. All of the times I’ve lost people who were important to me, and met new friends that have filled gaps in my heart. We will write a custom essay sample on My Explanation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page All of the times I’ve read books for hours straight, and watched TV for endless amounts of time. All of the times I’ve been afraid, and I’ve helped others conquer their fears. All of the times I’ve felt alone and felt overwhelmed. All of the times I’ve listened to the same song on repeat for hours, and sat in silence. All of the times I’ve been to funerals, and been to baptisms. All of the times I’ve made others laugh, and made others cry. I wish I could explain it all to you because all of these small ordinary pieces of my life are important. In 17 years I’ve experienced many emotions. I wish I could explain to you all that I’ve felt. All of the emotions that have shaped the person that I am today. How I felt when my Grandpa died. How I felt when people made fun of my acne. How I felt when I came in second place in a poetry contest. How I felt on my 17th birthday. How I felt on September 11th, 2001. How I felt when I s cored three goals in my lacrosse game. How I felt while riding Kingda Ka at Six Flags. How I felt on my first day of sleep away camp in 4th grade. How I felt on my first day of work. How I felt on the first day of high school. But it is simply impossible to explain it all. How can anyone explain all of the emotions that they have felt in their life? In 17 years I’ve learned a lot about myself. I wish I could explain to you everything that I’ve learned. Everything that makes me the person that I am. The person who is allergic to peanut butter. The person who can’t sing. The person who sometimes eats when she’s bored. The person who is shy. The person who is creeped out by bugs. The person who is naturally nervous. The person who gets sunburnt easily. The person who is a perfectionist. The person who hates when people make racist jokes. The person who is a pacifist. The person who is sarcastic. But I can’t tell you everything about myself because I d on’t know everything about myself yet. In 17 years I’ve met a lot of people. I wish I could explain to you the impact that each person has had on my life. The impact of my babysitter that watched me from the time I was a few months old up until I was in fifth grade. The impact of my third grade teacher that let me help grade papers. The impact of my first friend that I met in kindergarten. The impact of my first crush that I played tag with on the playground. The impact of the third graders that I spent an entire summer with. The impact of my seventh grade social studies teacher who I could talk to like a friend. The impact of all of my family members. The impact of all my friends. The impact of my parents. Too many people have touched my life to just choose one to write about. In 17 years I’ve learned important life lessons too. We all have. I wish I could explain to you how and when I learned them all. But I can’t pinpoint when I learned all of these lessons because it happened over a matter of time. I can tell you that I learned the world is a cruel place. I learned that people change. I learned that people say things that they don’t mean. I learned that everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time. I learned to cherish the time that I have with people because they can be gone in an instant. I learned to be grateful for all that I have. I’ve learned that change can be a good thing. And I continue to learn new lessons each day. Lessons that will make me understand life. In 17 years I’ve lived an ordinary life. A life that cannot be explained in a couple of pages. A life that cannot be summarized by one experience, one person, one feeling or one lesson. I’ve lived a life that I’m proud of.